France-Kiev bridge




Expert, beginner, pro, everybody will find some modules to complete a perfect formation with pleasure

Discover Kiev

All the days we will be in the most fabulous hidden places of Kiev with guides from the city,. Share the best moments than this wonderful place proposes

Digital art

After shootings, we will work on the software of your choice (on the 15 I own). From simple raw editing to perfect compositions or art painting

“Every month, i’am 10 days in Kiev. Just choose when you are with me !”


The Kiev Agency project

Let follow Thierry Baldini in his walks in all places of Kiev for a romantic and wonderful experience

Kiev4me the project

Douzains of formations, many hidden places, photoshooting preparations.. Do what you want ThierryB organize all for you

Planning a journey

The agency works with many models for perfect and professional photoshoots

Model ? GO TO SEE

3à years of experiences either with analogies or numeric camera, the formations are done even with smartphones !!

Numeric and analogic

For the moment, the photographer can share with you these wonderful places where he lives


Perfect natives guides, places well known by the photographer, no touristic places: hotels restaurants photographic  locations


Discover Our Wonderful Places

Ask for others destinations, same professor, same formations, same quality



To see all photos taken in Kiev (and Lviv ) you can go on the instagram page of the project Kiev4me

Just search for this name or click on the link to the right

Very little editing, almost all scan from negatives

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